Relationship Difficulties: Does yours Need a Tune-Up?
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Relationship Difficulties: Does Yours Need a Tune-Up?

relationship difficulties

Relationship Difficulties: Does Yours Need a Tune-Up?

If your relationship is not bringing you the satisfaction you need, Michael wants to help. With over 20 years of experience behind him, and established clinics in central London, Exeter, Miami and Torbay, Michael and his team of qualified relationship experts offer help for individuals, couples and families. In addition to relationship issues, the Acton-Coles Clinics offer support across the whole spectrum of mental health challenges, from addictions and OCD to depression and substance abuse.
A therapist often called upon by the BBC, and with doctoral level training in Counselling Psychology, Michael has a wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques and approaches at his disposal, including CBT, motivational interviewing, psychodynamic therapy and mindfulness-based methods. With an intuitive approach underpinned by thorough, ongoing assessments, Michael will tailor treatment to suit each individual or couple.
Regarding relationship difficulties, Michael understands that asking for help often brings up painful feelings but insists that this is a crucial first step for anyone who wants to move their relationship forward. “Rather than a major overhaul, many relationships just need a tune-up to bring back that missing spark,” he says.
According to Michael, relationship difficulties often involve issues around trust, accepting difference, financial difficulties, sharing domestic responsibilities and sex.
here It Doesn’t Take Two
Michael is keen to dispel the myth that both parties of a relationship have to undergo therapy to effect lasting change.
“More often than not we work with one of the members of a relationship, and this has proven to be as effective, at times, as seeing both parties. Due to work commitments, children or blame situations it is sometimes difficult for both parties to attend,” he explains.

As an alternative to face-to-face consultations, Michael offers clients the opportunity to access therapy from their own home via Skype. In these austere times, Michael is also committed to assisting people on low incomes to access the support they need, with a financial assistance program in place.

Michael and his team work firmly within the ethical guidelines and guide to good practice laid down by the British Psychological Society, and the BACP.

For more information, please contact Michael.

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