Life Coaching: Brand New Year - Same Old Mood Swings?
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Brand New Year – Same Old Mood Swings?

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Brand New Year – Same Old Mood Swings?

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Do you Need Life Coaching? Five Questions you Need to be Asking Yourself

I’ve got a New Year’s resolution for you!

Next time you feel a bad mood descending, instead of lashing out at your nearest target or denying anything is wrong take the opportunity to get to know yourself a bit better. Asking yourself five simple questions can bring you a wealth of insight about how your mind and emotions connect:

  1. Provide the picture of line of viagra. Nachrichten Wissenschaft Mensch go site Viagra: Hochpotent und trotzdem. What were you thinking about? Although moods sometimes seem to arise out of thin air, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy shows us that they are usually preceded by thoughts. Being in the grip of a bad mood can give us the opportunity to identify those unhelpful thoughts that set us on a gloomy path. It can be helpful to record those thoughts in a journal so you can analyse them later – perhaps with the help of a suitably qualified therapist, particularly if your low moods are causing problems in your day-to-day life.
  2. When did you last get out? If you feel pent-up with a nameless frustration, perhaps your body is trying to tell you that you’ve been couped up inside for too long or have excess energy to burn. Getting out into nature for a brisk walk or cycle helps us to get a bigger perspective on our problems while the exercise itself stimulates endorphins and has been shown to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  3. Are you holding on to the past? If your thoughts tend to be stuck back in time, dwelling on an event that happened yesterday evening or a week ago, you might find solace in meditation. There are many types of meditation but they will all focus on bringing your awareness back to the present moment where freedom and peace reside.
  4. What have you got to be grateful for? Thinking about this is especially useful when you’ve just woken up in a grumpy mood. It is so much easier to spot every flaw in our lives that we can often take our blessings for granted. Before getting up out of bed, take five minutes to remind yourself of the good stuff.
  5. Are your goals realistic? Ambition is a good thing, but research shows that people suffering with depression often set unattainable goals for themselves. This has a damaging effect on an already low self-esteem; life coaching can help you set attainable goals and build a secure foundation to more ambitious targets.

Don’t set yourself up for more failure this year; instead, consider life coaching! With the support of an experienced and positive therapist, life coaching can stop you running around in circles and set you on the path to a meaningful future.

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