Depression: Has Spring Arrived For You? - M. Acton-Coles
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Depression: Has Spring Arrived for you?

depression in spring

Depression: Has Spring Arrived for you?

Spring is a joyous time of year but sometimes, through no fault of our own, our lives can remain stuck in the darkness of winter. Even walking through beautiful surroundings, feeling so bad can make us blind to the birth of new leaves and the wonders of fresh vibrant flowers that push through at this time of year.

Depression is a lonely illness: it is difficult to describe the experience to those who are on the outside looking in and we tend to push our nearest and dearest away. But the sooner they seek therapeutic help, the less complicated it is to help a person live again.

Diagnosing Depression

Diagnosis should be attempted with care: all us clinicians have a checklist of symptoms we use; symptoms include persistent lack of energy; feelings of worthlessness or guilt; anger, rage and frustration; lack of interest; anxiety and thoughts about death and suicide. When the extent of illness is recognised, the most appropriate tools and ideas can be employed to take a person feeling depressed to a place of safety.
This becomes a departure point towards understanding “why” depression occurred in the first place – a vital journey to take if we are to prevent re-occurrence.

It’s never too early or too late to access help; my advice is to talk it over with someone you trust, consider what options are available and take action… You can beat this but generally people don’t do it alone! Seeking professional help is key.

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