Chapter Sample: The Death of the Narcissist - M. Acton-Coles
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Chapter Sample: The Death of the Narcissist

fox symbolising the narcissist

Chapter Sample: The Death of the Narcissist

compare and contrast essay introduction Fox as the narcissist image copyright: vasiko / 123RF Stock Photo Narcissistic Personality Disorder rarely makes the headlines, but ever so often a story will come to the fore which gives the general public the briefest of glimpses into what life for the narcissist, and the family members trying to live with them, might look like.

relevancy literature review That happened late last year in the case of a 50 year-old woman, known only as ‘C’, who was granted the right to refuse life-saving treatment to avoid the loss of ‘her sparkle.’ C’s approach to life together with the comments from her family members strongly support a case of NPD – enough to convince one psychiatrist to make the diagnosis. I am, of course, in no position to either confirm or reject that diagnosis but the dramatic end of C’s brief sojourn on our world would not have looked out of place as a case study to illustrate one of the chapters of my new book: Narcissism & Co-Dependency: Both Sides of the Coin. I leave you with the text of that short but tragic chapter:


professional literature review ghostwriting services ca The life of a narcissist is tragic, but the way in which they can and will drag anyone they bond with into their nightmare means that sympathy is a very risky attitude to take. To the narcissist, sympathy is just another form of attention, and they will gladly lap it up until their victims have no more to give.
Underneath the mask lives a frightened and angry child, afraid of being abandoned and ignored and desperate to replace those feelings with the drugs of physical pleasure, admiration and attention. Other people exist solely to gratify these needs and are, in their eyes, objects with no right to their own feelings or motivations.
Sadly, as the narcissist begins to age, they lose some of their physical appeal while, at the same time, their history of cruelty and dishonesty begins to catch up with them. They may end up profoundly alone and destroyed by debt, with nowhere left to go to escape from the inner darkness they have been running away from for so long. If you know someone who is living with a narcissist and needs help in understanding their position and unhooking themselves, consider sending them a copy of this book; it is available now on Amazon and iTunes.

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