Addiction: What Doesn't Kill You Might Not Make You Stronger
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What Doesn’t Kill You Might Not Make You Stronger


What Doesn’t Kill You Might Not Make You Stronger

The turn of a new year is an ideal time to make renewed attempts to remove unhealthy substances from our lives, whether that be poor dietary choices, alcohol, nicotine or other recreational drugs.
Even if you’re not personally planning on altering your lifestyle, it is worth thinking carefully about how you cope with the trials and tribulations of modern life and, if it involves substances of any kind, how that use impacts on you and those around you. Or maybe it is someone you know that needs to change their habits.
In a society where ‘binge-drinking’ is seen as a perfectly valid way of celebrating or commiserating our intense life events and even smoking illegal drugs is portrayed as a harmless means of relaxing, it is wise to remind ourselves of the destructive power that any substance addiction can have once we let it control our lives.
Some people accept the idea that addiction is a fact of their personality and avoid seeking help because they believe they are tied to their fate. But there is no evidence that anybody is pre-disposed to addictive behaviour, substance abuse being largely a way in which some of us cope with and control our environment. Unfortunately, by choosing to continue with their behaviour, they can unwittingly cause significant damage to their health and relationships. Criminal activities such as stealing, assault and domestic abuse are often intrinsically linked with the use of and need to obtain drugs, particularly alcohol, and the situation is especially worrying when children are involved (which they inevitably will be).

Addiction Counselling

A suitably qualified, experienced and skilled counsellor can strip away the outward manifestations of addiction and uncover the reasons for the misuse, working with you (or a loved one) in changing those harmful patterns.
Under the influence of addiction, people are capable of the most appalling behaviour but we do not judge the person on their past; we look instead to a future of freedom and choice for you and those whose lives you touch.
Make 2014 the year you get unstuck!

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