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Acclinics Intensive Therapy™

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Acclinics Intensive Therapy is not widely available as it is necessary to have been trained in several psychological therapeutic disciplines, including systemic techniques and their foundations, in order to have a therapeutic tool bag flexible and broad enough to work in an intense manner that is both safe and effective for clients.

People who seek Acclinics Intensive Therapy often need a quick “shift” to occur for the wellbeing of themselves and/or their family/partner. Therapy takes place over a 1-5 day period with follow up for an agreed period of time.

Acclinics Intensive Therapy is tailored to the patient’s needs and to appropriately meet the issues presented. A typical Acclinics Intensive Therapy period commences with extensive information-gathering from all people presenting for therapy, whether it’s just one person, a family of five or a couple.

If you are an individual presenting for therapy, there will be various tasks to help gather a rounded and explorative understanding of what is present. This is also a time to create a bind with each other to make the work in the intensive safe and effective.

In a couple or family situation, the couple or family will be seen together and then each member will be seen individually before the whole family or couple gather again to conclude the clarification of their experiences and issues. It is worth mentioning here that I am Relate-trained and have studied family therapy at City University, London.

Generally, there will be several morning sessions in which tasks are set, followed by a break, and then a few sessions in the afternoon to conclude that day’s work and schedule the next day’s tasks. It is imperative that a contract is drawn up, agreed and signed when engaging in this type of therapy; this will be completed before therapy commences.

To accommodate my regular client/patient lists, I limit this type of therapy to block bookings, with days usually allocated from Friday through Monday inclusive. However, details such as location and days allocated are negotiable. I work in locations as far afield as Hong Kong, Dubai, Finland, Monaco, Mombasa, the USA and Australia.

Acclinics Intensive Therapy Fees
Acclinics Intensive Therapy sessions are charged at the rate of £1,400 (British) per day.

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To find out if your concerns are appropriate for this type of therapy, and to discuss availability, please contact me and request an assessment session. If you are presently working with me then please discuss the possibility of engaging in some Acclincis Intensive Therapy at our next session.


Another effective alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy is Skype therapy.

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